(Richard Afolabi)

A King is a king no matter how you shuffle the cards,
It’s March 29, a good day to celebrate a bard,
For the love of a rare kind of man among mankind,
To a God himself; man of mankind.

Today is the greatest reality or
the greatest dream Martin Luther King died for,
Today is far from what an ordinary eye could see even if the day seem seen,
The world without the sauce of Richard Afolabi is like Maggie without Homer Simpson.

A professional in His own profession,
An innovative innovator that innovate innovation,
An inspirer that inspires inspiration,
A motivator that motivate motivation.

May you be the desire of the desired,
The aspiration of the aspired,
The requirement Our World requires,
The air solutions breathe and respires.

I wish I can wish you with all stars and take off the galaxy,
I wish you fulfilment to every fantasy,
Longevity and opulence I wish,
I wish you divine dominion as godliness becomes your niche.

You’re God’s selfie; a portrait of man with the mind of mine,
Your life in time is the definition of life and time in a lifetime,
A King is a king no matter how you play the cards,
It’s a happy birthday to you Richie; what a good day to felicitate a bard…

To a God himself, happy birthday man!

Much love from
Inufin Ayomide D’great
(The Oba Of Poetry)


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