CORONALIZATION – Inufin Ayomide D’great

It was an August visit in December 2019,
Showed up in Wuhan and Mandarin couldn’t see the unseen,
Until she broke out like an inmate… Now the world wallows in her wane,
She bring death to Mother Earth and bury her in disarray.

The world is whirled away by this mysterious ecstasy,
‘I will’ is now ill like a missing apostrophe,
The deadlier the disease the livelier the catastrophe,
This is the genesis of a written revelation, prologue of an apocalyptic calligraphy.

Here is the death the world die for,
Where is One World Peace when peace of mind is at war?
Like the day of reckoning; a night of doom,
The reaper grim like a looming gloom.

Covid is vivid,
Be informed, ignorance can be rigid,
We shall break even against all odds and send teary joy to the crying world,
We will live again and give life to the dying world…

Stay aware, stay put, stay safe…

#IntoThe$potlight CORONALIZATION

Inufin Ayomide D’great


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