So another Proposal has gone wrong in public, a lady who was with her friends chilling surprisingly saw her boyfriend, she’s didn’t even show concern (according to the pictures) she just smiled and while the man knelt down to proposal she made a gesture with her hand asking “what is it” as soon as she notice him being out a ring, she stood up waved him a “get out” hand and left him.

Permit me to explain in Nigerian pidgin language

“Another one don happen again o, I no know where but na so this chikala take fa her guy hand o, untop say him come meet her for public where she de chill her friends, him come show up with plenty color shirt o, na so the guy bend down de girl ask am wetin, as him just carry ring come out na so the girl Waka leave the man o, she wave an hand wey me see as “gerrout” o”.

A Facebook user who posted this online, had it captioned

“Another proposal go wrong. I guess some guys don’t really know the different between love and i am ready. Make sure ur woman is ready to settle down before proposing please. It’s very important bikonu.”

Here are the pictures form the event.

Why would a lady you’ve been dating reject you when it comes to marriage?

This is not the tenth or twentieth incident am hearing, please someone drop some answers in the comment.

As a lady, why would you reject a proposal from a guy you’re presently dating and as a guy why do you think your lady will reject your proposal.

Let’s talk to ourselves on the comment below.

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