The First African man with Coronavirus responding to treatment – Kem senou pavel Daryl.

“I rather die here in china than go home with this Coronavirus” African man who has Coronavirus reported.

Kem senou pavel Daryl, a Chinese base Camerooninan man who had lived in China for a long time and currently a patient of Coronavirus had taken to media that he rather die in china than coming home with the virus

He said it’s really breaks his heart seeing himself dieing slowly but will never risk taking the virus to his people

He wrote

“No matter what happens I don’t want to take the sickness back to Africa,”

He said he suspected he had the virus when he started having fever, uncontrollable cough, and flu-like discharge symptoms before he was diagnosed of having the virus

He said

“When I was going to the hospital for the first time I was thinking about my death and how I thought it was going to happen,”

For 13 days he remained in isolation in a local Chinese hospital. Taking drugs meant for HiV patient and as God may have it , he is seeing signs of recovery

The CT scan had showed less of the virus in his immune this made him the first Africa man with the virus responding to treatment

His medical care was covered by the Chinese state.

“I don’t want to go home before finishing studying. I think there is no need to return home because all hospital fees were taken care of by the Chinese government,” says Mr Senou.

God help him and give all Coronavirus patient quick recovery


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